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New York on Wheels

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About New York on Wheels

Cruise the streets of the Big Apple.....
New York City Taxis
and we'll give you a front row view of the action!

     Take the 'dis' out of disabled travel in New York! 

    We provide walking/pushing tours, guide/escort service, and travel companionship for wheelchair-using visitors to the Big Apple.

     Do you feel like designing your own walking tour of New York, or do you prefer following a structured itinerary?  Your tour can be customized according to your wishes, or you can leave the planning to us.

     Perhaps you have your own planned trip to the city - for a day of shopping, a visit with relatives/friends, or a ball game.  We can provide you with an escort/guide for your trip, as well as a companion/aide for the length of your vacation.

    You'll be able to sit back, relax, and let someone else do the pushing as you visit America's most exciting city!

Statue of Liberty

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